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Recap: 2013 Honours Excavation Week 2

Last year the archaeology honours students of UP went on excavation. We learned a lot and great fun was had! This is a recap shown through photographs. Hope you enjoy! And if you missed it, here is the recap of Week 1 and the Mapungubwe / K2 / Schroda visit.

20130826_142909Trent & Domonique documenting their finds.

20130826_142921Melindi excavating and showing some great brush techniques!

20130826_143001Sam, Kyle and Yanga excavating and documenting.

20130826_144217Cherene showing us an animal mandible coming out in the excavation.

20130827_095205Reagile, Cherene and Kefilwe taking a break from the extreme heat.

20130827_095327Lu-Marie, Kyle and Yanga working on their excavation.

20130827_095341Dr Ceri Ashley discussing the excavation unit with Kefilwe, Cherene and Reagile.

20130827_104235Kyle photographing the excavation unit.

20130828_083953Cherene, Kefilwe and Reagile finishing up their excavation unit.

20130828_110759Kefilwe sieving and sorting artifacts.

20130829_145630Kyle and Yanga at their new excavation unit during week 2.

20130829_145656Trent and Mpho get some reprieve from the heat at their week 2 excavation unit.

20130829_162402Yanga documeting.

20130829_162414Trent sieving and sorting.

20130829_162428Dr Ceri Ashley, Cherene and Dr Alexander Antonites.

20130829_162430Mpho on her way to the sieves.

20130829_162505Sam brushing the excavation unit.

20130829_163804Dr Alexander Antonites taking photographs of all the excavation units.

20130830_074439Wildlife photography.


20130830_145940Sam taking photographs of the excavation unit.

20130831_121329After 2 weeks of field school, we were on our way home!


Recap: 2013 Mapungubwe / K2 / Schroda visit

Last year the archaeology honours students of UP went on excavation. The weekend during the two week field-school the students took a trip to Mapungubwe, K2 and Schroda. However on the way to Mapungubwe National Park, we ran out of road:

20130825_103021 20130825_103032 20130825_103102

A kind farmer helped us get there by going through his farm, and we finally arrived:

20130825_110233 20130825_110629

Group photograph at Mapungubwe National Park

Touring Mapungubwe National Park:

20130825_112653 20130825_113531 20130825_114153

On our way to K2:

20130825_115834 20130825_120401 20130825_120808 20130825_121220 20130825_121321

Discarded K2 pottery:


The K2 Museum:

20130825_121719 20130825_121736

Dr Alexander Antonites teaching us about the history of the K2 excavation:


On our way to Mapungubwe:


Learning about the history of Mapungubwe:

20130825_124428 20130825_130413

On our way up Mapungubwe Hill:


Touring Mapungubwe Hill:

20130825_132217 20130825_132922 20130825_132928

Ashlea ontop of Mapungubwe Hill:


More Mapungubwe:

20130825_133353 20130825_133600 20130825_134025 20130825_134645

Our Schroda visit:

20130825_145707 20130825_145906 20130825_150031 20130825_150146 20130825_150716

A lot was learned that weekend and I’m not exaggerating when I say that we all were starstruck by these three archaeological sites! We were truly honored that we could see these sites and it is not an experience we would soon forget!


Recap: 2013 Honours Excavation Week 1

Last year the archaeology honours students of UP went on excavation. We learned a lot and great fun was had! This is a recap shown through photographs. Hope you enjoy!

20130820_170827Arriving at the excavation.

20130821_072205Having a pre-excavation meeting about what we would be doing and what methods would be used.

20130821_090253Setting up all the tents.

20130821_120548Lunch break under the trees.

20130821_143239Dr Ceri Ashley and Dr Alexander Antonites discussing strategy.

20130824_064922Dr Ceri Ashley showing us how to change a tire during breakfast.

20130824_080329Kyle, Sam and Ashlea early morning at their excavation unit.

20130824_080846Dr Ceri Ashley talking us through the plan for the day.

20130824_085829Melindi, Mpho, Domonique and Trent excavating away.

20130824_091118Dr Ceri Ashley showing us some trowel techniques.

20130824_091222Kefilwe, Reagile and Cherene excavating and documenting.

20130824_093428Dr Alexander Antonites showing us some brush moves.

20130824_113131Our sifting corner after a long week of excavating.

All in all it was a great week of excavation!