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Recap: 2013 Mapungubwe / K2 / Schroda visit

Last year the archaeology honours students of UP went on excavation. The weekend during the two week field-school the students took a trip to Mapungubwe, K2 and Schroda. However on the way to Mapungubwe National Park, we ran out of road:

20130825_103021 20130825_103032 20130825_103102

A kind farmer helped us get there by going through his farm, and we finally arrived:

20130825_110233 20130825_110629

Group photograph at Mapungubwe National Park

Touring Mapungubwe National Park:

20130825_112653 20130825_113531 20130825_114153

On our way to K2:

20130825_115834 20130825_120401 20130825_120808 20130825_121220 20130825_121321

Discarded K2 pottery:


The K2 Museum:

20130825_121719 20130825_121736

Dr Alexander Antonites teaching us about the history of the K2 excavation:


On our way to Mapungubwe:


Learning about the history of Mapungubwe:

20130825_124428 20130825_130413

On our way up Mapungubwe Hill:


Touring Mapungubwe Hill:

20130825_132217 20130825_132922 20130825_132928

Ashlea ontop of Mapungubwe Hill:


More Mapungubwe:

20130825_133353 20130825_133600 20130825_134025 20130825_134645

Our Schroda visit:

20130825_145707 20130825_145906 20130825_150031 20130825_150146 20130825_150716

A lot was learned that weekend and I’m not exaggerating when I say that we all were starstruck by these three archaeological sites! We were truly honored that we could see these sites and it is not an experience we would soon forget!