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Seminar on Friday – 25th of July

Reconstructing the environment of the earliest African hominid. Soils, trees, grasses, carbon isotopes and Ardipithecus


Stanley H. Ambrose
Department of Anthropology
University of Illinois

Did our earliest hominid ancestor begin to walk on two legs in forests, woodlands or grasslands? A new model of the relationship of the carbon isotope ratios of soil to the proportions of tree versus C4 grass cover in tropical savannas produces results consistent with a model of bipedal origins in grassy savannas. However, this model was developed using data mainly from floral habitats on infertile sandy soils, and may be irrelevant for fossil sites in regions with fertile soils.

Details: 25 July at 11 am in the seminar room of the Plant Science Complex (University of Pretoria)

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