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Departmental Seminar: Wednesday 19th August 2015 @ 10h30



Wednesday 19 August 2015 @10:30-12:00
Humanities Building, Room 8-18

Dr Ancila Nhamo
University of Zimbabwe

Ancila Nhamo is a lecturer of Archaeology at the History Department of the University of Zimbabwe. She has a PhD from the University of Zimbabwe and a Masters from the University of Bergen in Norway. Her research interests include the interpretation of rock art and its management. Dr Nhamo’s most recent research projects, which formed part of her PhD, focused on regionalism in the rock art of Zimbabwe. Dr Nhamo is the author of Immortalizing the Past: Reproductions of Zimbabwean Rock Art by Lionel Cripps (2007), Out of the labyrinth: the significance of kudu images in the rock art of Zimunya (2007) and has published a number of journal articles and book chapters on rock art of Zimbabwe.

Cultural diversity among prehistoric hunter-gatherers: A case study of rock art from Northern Nyanga, Zimbabwe


Contemporary hunter-gatherer groups are known to live in small bands that sometimes congregated into band clusters. On a large scale, they can be divided into a number of language groups which are mutually intelligible. However, identification of such smaller groupings in the archaeological record has rarely been attempted. This presentation looks at ways in which motif variation in the rock art of southern Africa can be used in identifying smaller groupings among prehistoric hunter-gatherers. Distinct and circumscribed motifs observed within the rock art from Northern Nyanga are used to chart a way in this endeavour.

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