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Recap: Professor Revil Mason Seminar

Professor Revil Mason Seminar

20130814_123509Dr. Ndlovu introducing Prof. Mason

Yesterday Professor Revil Mason gave a seminar on southern African Archaeology to the students, staff and guests of the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology of the University of Pretoria. The lecture was educational and it was fascinating to hear first hand accounts of now famous excavations in southern Africa. Professor Mason showed a series of images and explained each one in conjunction with interesting facts and some background information.


To thank Professor Mason for sharing his wealth of knowledge with the students, Kefilwe Rammutloa, the chairperson of the University of Pretoria Archaeological Society for students (UPAS), presented Professor Mason with a token of their appreciation.

20130814_132606Prof. Mason and Kefilwe Rammutloa

The seminar was a very successful learning experience for all.

20130814_132719 Dr. Ndlovu and Prof. Mason


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