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Recap: ArchSoc Lecture & the Hanisch Prize

The annual Pretoria ArchSoc lecture in conjunction with UPAS (15th of August) was a huge success! Political and economic interactions in the hinterland of the Mapungubwe polity by Dr Alexander Antonites was fascinating and sparked a lot of questions afterwards.

lectureLeft: Mr Graham Reeks (ArchSoc)

The Hanisch Prize for Excellence in Postgraduate Studies in Archaeology was also awarded to three students for the year of 2012:

Kefilwe Rammutloa – Undergraduate
Bongumenzi Nxumalo – Honours
Zurethe Collins – Masters

prizeMr Graham Reeks (ArchSoc) and Prof. Pikirayi (UP) awarding the prize to Kefilwe Rammutloa (Left) and Bongumenzi Nxumalo (Right)

20130815_205404Left: Dr Alexander Antonites answering questions

This annual lecture series by ArchSoc is a great initiative and for any and all future events by ArchSoc (Trans-Vaal Branch) be sure to keep an eye on the Events List for 2013.


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