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Recap: The Secret of bones

The Secret of bones


 Prof Ina Plug (UNISA)

Prof. Plug specialises in the analysis and interpretation of faunal materials from archaeological sites and is the honorary curator for the Department of Archaeozoology at The Ditsong National Museum of Natural History.


Prof. Plug’s lecture was very interesting as she discussed how bones found on archaeological sites can reveal much about how past people once lived and what their environments were like.


Prof. Plug also showed how bone size and shape can indicate different species (e.g. between antelope and carnivores).  Her latest book was also released at the talk and is a wonderful handbook of bone identification as the beautiful illustrations are life size and allows one to compare bones directly on the page.  The book is entitled What bone is that? and we will attempt to find publication details for those who would like to order a copy.

The lecture was a huge success and very well attended!


Information and Photographs courtesy of Cherene de Bruyn and Samantha Serfontein.


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