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Honours students intern at AGES

The Archaeology Honours students of The University of Pretoria got placed at various companies/institutions for internships.  The internships lasted two weeks (20th – 31st of May 2013), with the goal of showing the students what type of jobs they can one day look forward to, and what such jobs entail.

Three students, Nokukhanya Khumalo, Mpo Maripane and Lu-Marie Combrink got placed with AGES, a Pretoria-based company that specialises in environmental management, geo-engineering and hydro-geology. Our supervisor and mentor was Neels Kruger (Archaeological Specialist at AGES).

Interns_6From left to right: Nokukhanya Khumalo, Mpo Maripane, Lu-Marie Combrink and Neels Kruger

The goal of the intership was to experience all aspects of a standard HIA (Heritage Impact Assessment) Project, by experiencing the project from conception to completion. Our HIA was based on a real life case study. This project entailed:

* Getting background information about the case study as well as historical and current status
* Studying aerial images of the site as well as Google Earth investigations
* Pre-application planning stage which included:
– Identify environmental opportunities and constraints
– Project flaws
* Screening stage & Scoping stage:
– Recommendations
– Identifying issues associated with the site
– Determine further specialist input
– Terms of reference

We then handed in our proposal and quotation for approval. After this stage it was time to compile our Impact Assessment Report:

* We studied SAHRA’s Minimum Standards: Archaeological and Palaeontological Components of Impact Assessment Reports and incorporated it into our report
* We also worked out a costing for the project
* Planned our site visit

 We then took a trip to the site and documented any heritage features that we could see:

Interns_1 Interns_2 Interns_3 Interns_4

When we returned to the office:
* We compiled a list of heritage features
* Discussed the importance of these heritage features
* Discussed mitigation options

Our AIA report was then completed and handed in for feedback.


We want to thank AGES for giving us the opportunity to serve as interns. We gained valuable insight into the CRM process and we had the chance to observe numerous aspects of the process, from conception to completion. What we learned was invaluable.

Photographs courtesy of Neels Kruger


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