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Recap: 2013 Honours Excavation Week 1

Last year the archaeology honours students of UP went on excavation. We learned a lot and great fun was had! This is a recap shown through photographs. Hope you enjoy!

20130820_170827Arriving at the excavation.

20130821_072205Having a pre-excavation meeting about what we would be doing and what methods would be used.

20130821_090253Setting up all the tents.

20130821_120548Lunch break under the trees.

20130821_143239Dr Ceri Ashley and Dr Alexander Antonites discussing strategy.

20130824_064922Dr Ceri Ashley showing us how to change a tire during breakfast.

20130824_080329Kyle, Sam and Ashlea early morning at their excavation unit.

20130824_080846Dr Ceri Ashley talking us through the plan for the day.

20130824_085829Melindi, Mpho, Domonique and Trent excavating away.

20130824_091118Dr Ceri Ashley showing us some trowel techniques.

20130824_091222Kefilwe, Reagile and Cherene excavating and documenting.

20130824_093428Dr Alexander Antonites showing us some brush moves.

20130824_113131Our sifting corner after a long week of excavating.

All in all it was a great week of excavation!


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