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Recap: 2013 Honours Excavation Week 2

Last year the archaeology honours students of UP went on excavation. We learned a lot and great fun was had! This is a recap shown through photographs. Hope you enjoy! And if you missed it, here is the recap of Week 1 and the Mapungubwe / K2 / Schroda visit.

20130826_142909Trent & Domonique documenting their finds.

20130826_142921Melindi excavating and showing some great brush techniques!

20130826_143001Sam, Kyle and Yanga excavating and documenting.

20130826_144217Cherene showing us an animal mandible coming out in the excavation.

20130827_095205Reagile, Cherene and Kefilwe taking a break from the extreme heat.

20130827_095327Lu-Marie, Kyle and Yanga working on their excavation.

20130827_095341Dr Ceri Ashley discussing the excavation unit with Kefilwe, Cherene and Reagile.

20130827_104235Kyle photographing the excavation unit.

20130828_083953Cherene, Kefilwe and Reagile finishing up their excavation unit.

20130828_110759Kefilwe sieving and sorting artifacts.

20130829_145630Kyle and Yanga at their new excavation unit during week 2.

20130829_145656Trent and Mpho get some reprieve from the heat at their week 2 excavation unit.

20130829_162402Yanga documeting.

20130829_162414Trent sieving and sorting.

20130829_162428Dr Ceri Ashley, Cherene and Dr Alexander Antonites.

20130829_162430Mpho on her way to the sieves.

20130829_162505Sam brushing the excavation unit.

20130829_163804Dr Alexander Antonites taking photographs of all the excavation units.

20130830_074439Wildlife photography.


20130830_145940Sam taking photographs of the excavation unit.

20130831_121329After 2 weeks of field school, we were on our way home!


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