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2013 ASAPA Conference

The Association of Southern African Professional Archaeologists (ASAPA) Biennial Conference was held at the University of Botswana in Gaborone from the 3rd-7th of July 2013. This year the University of Pretoria had a very large presence at the Conference. The Department of Anthropology and Archaeology UP staff and students presented various papers and posters on a wide variety of Southern African Archaeology topics.


In total there were nine posters (8 Honors students and 1 Masters student):

  • De Lange, M. (Hons) A time long forgotten: discovering and identifying the Kruger National Park Stone AgeMD
  • Khumalo, N.S. (Hons) The analysis of technical ceramics from Mapungubwesabelo
  • Nxumalo B (MA): An ethnoarchaeological study of Zulu pots in the uThukela Basin In Conversation with Stakeholders: Applicability of Indigenous Knowledge System to Archaeological Research and Heritage Resource Managementmenzi
  • Serfontein, S. (Hons) The stone walled settlements of central Mpumalanga, South Africa The Realm and Practice of Archaeological Heritage Management in SADCsam
  • Maripane, M. (Hons) Developing a heritage management plan for the Masebe Nature Reserve in Limpopo province of South Africa The Archaeology of Farming Communitiesmpho
  • Combrink, L. (Hons) & Dr. Badenhorst, S. Changes in Livestock Utilisation during the Iron Age of Southern Africa
  • Seiler, T.C. (Hons) Stone tools from farming community settlements in the Limpopo Valley, with special focus on Schroda


  • Norton, A. (Hons) Carnivore utilisation at Schroda – preliminary resultsashley
  • De Bruyn, C. (Hons) Living on a foothill. Archaeological investigations on a hill settlement in the Masebe Nature ReserveDe Bruyn, C.

There were also several Oral Presentations by Honours students, Masters students, Phd students and UP lecturers and professors:

  • Antonites, Alexander: Political and Economic Interactions in the Mapungubwe Hinterland
  • Antonites, Alexander; Antonites, Annie R.; Zurethe, Collins: The production and distribution of shell beads at 10-13th century farming settlements in northern
    South Africa
  • Ashley, Ceri: Ceramics, Contact and Interaction in the Khwebe Hills of Botswana Affiliation: Department of Anthropology and Archaeology, University of Pretoria
    (South Africa)group
  • De Souza, Jacqueline (MA): An archaeological investigation of a small-scaled stone walled site in the North West Province, South Africa
  • Grody, Evin (MA): The wild component: Animal exploitation at the edge of the Mapungubwe Polity
  • Jordaan, Gerhard (MA): Micro-temporal changes at two early farming community sites in the southern Kruger National Park
  • Magoma, Munyadziwa (MA): Farming communities: Feasting in southern African Late Iron Age sitesmunya
  • Ndlovu, Ndukuyakhe: World heritage management: What is the fuss?
  • Ndlovu, Ndukuyakhe: Revisiting style and regionality in southern African rock artndlovu
  • Pikirayi, Innocent; Sulas Federica: Geoarchaeology and water history in the middle Limpopo Valley and at Great Zimbabwegroup2
  • Rammutloa, Kefilwe (Hons); Saccaggi, Benjamin: Geospatial-ing the collection: innovations using QGIS to catalogue and research the archaeological
    collections of the University of Pretoria
  • Saccaggi, Benjamin: Fort Daspoortrand: A continuing narrative of difference and exclusion.

As well as approximately 141 lectures (including those of UP) by various speakers.


All in all the 2013 ASAPA Conference was a huge success with large quantities of Archaeological information shared. The next ASAPA Conference will be held in 2015.



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